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Specializing in motion control, PC/104 and PC/104plus

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7i96 STEP/IO Step & dir plus I/O daughtercard
The 7I96 is a Ethernet connected motion control interface designed for interfacing  up to 5 Axis of step&dir step motor or servo motor drives. Step rates up to 10 MHz are supported. The 7I96 also has 11 isolated inputs plus 6 isolated outputs for general purpose I/O use. A high speed encoder interface is provided for spindle synchronized motion. A RS-422/RS485 serial expansion port  ..

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MESA 7I33 Quad Analog servo interface
The 7I33 is a 4 axis analog servo interfaces intended for operation with Mesa's Anything I/O cards in motion control applications. The 7I33 takes the PWM and direction signals from the Anythng I/O card and converts them to +- 10V analog output voltages for direct connection to analog input servo amplifiers.  The 7I33 also conditions the encoder input signals with input filters for TTL inputs ..


MESA 7i34 Eight Channel RS-422/485 interface
The 7I34 is a 8 channel RS-422 interface for Mesa's Anything I/O series of FPGA interface cards. The 7I34 has 8 independent receive and transmit channels. Each transmit channel has a independent drive enable for bus or 2 wire half duplex systems.  The controller connection is a 50 pin header that matches the pinout or the 4I34M, 4I38, 4I65, 4I68, 5I20, 5I22, 5I23, 7I43 and 7I60 Anything I/O c..

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