MESA 7i42TA Breakout/FPGA protection card

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MESA 7i42TA Breakout/FPGA protection card
Brand: Mesa Electronics
Product Code: 7i42TA
Availability: Pre-Order
Price: 34.07€

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The 7I42TA is a breakout card for Mesa's 50 pin I/O FPGA cards.  It has 50 pin .1" output connector and 3.5mm headers compatible with pluggable screw terminal blocks.  In addition to providing a breakout function, the 7I42TA protects the FPGA card from excessive input voltages and ESD.  The 7I42TA protects FPGA I/O from accidental contact from external voltages of +12 and -5V with built in diode clamps and 50 Ohm current limit resistors in series with all I/O pins.  The 7I42TA limits I/O pin bandwidth to approximately 10 MHz.  Phoenix compatible 3.5 mm pluggable screw terminals are supplied with the 7I42TA.

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