Shipping Policy

  • All orders with products on stock are shipped within 48 hours Monday - Friday 8:30 - 18:00 except national holidays and weekends
  • DHL collects orders every weekday between 9:30 and 12:00 hours. Orders placed after DHL has left, or when we cannot prepare the shipment on this time window, will be shipped the next week day.


  • We use DHL Express to assure a quick and safe delivery. Other transportation methods or companies can be used if necessary or arranged with customers via email;
  • Clients that are not inside the Schengen space will have to pay a customs exportation fee. This fee, however, will not be paid upon the delivery of the package as it normally happens, this being DHL exports policy;
  • Delivery times are estimates. DHL does not accept responsibility related to delays, nor do we as a result;
  • Other transportation companies may be used if necessary or if the delivery costs greatly surpass the values charged;
  • Any important information regarding the shipping address, contact person or preferred contact number should be given before the order is shipped. We will not accept any responsibility for errors or missing information on the shipping address.