• MESA 7i87 Remote isolated Analog input card

The 7I87 is remote isolated eight channel +-10V analog input card.  All channels have 12 bit resolution and selectable averaging.  All inputs are galvanically isolated from the communication and remote power.  A buffered A-D reference voltage is provided for ratiometric applications.  All inputs have 100K input impedance (+-.1%) and are protected from input overloads of up to 100V.  Three optocoupler outputs are available.  The RS-422 interface at 2.5 MBaud is compatible with HostMot2s SSLBP smart serial interface which can support as many as 32 7I87 cards for a total of 256 analog inputs with real time update rates up to 10 KHz.  3.5 mm screw pluggable screw terminals are used for all isolated I/O.

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MESA 7i87 Remote isolated Analog input card

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